March 22, 2014

Bug found in Sequalator 1.19.0

A bug in the latest release of Sequalator has been observed.
Work is ongoing to repair this problem and until that time Sequalator 1.19.0 will not be available for download. Users are requested to continue using Sequalator 1.18.2 on a temporary basis. The bug tracker is updated with a record of this bug. Below are the details of this bug:

After launching Sequalator an error message is displayed as shown below.

Sequalator error message

After clicking OK, a window shows the error report for that session.

Sequalator error report

Open the session.log file to see the error type.

Session.log details

The error message we are getting signifies that a non existing file was trying to be read. This file records all the existing sessions and the non availability of this file requires termination of the application.

As of now work is ongoing to find a solution to this problem and the fixed version will be released as soon as possible. Inconvenience of the users is regretted.

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