January 18, 2015

Sequalator 1.20.2 Released

Sequalator stands for Simultaneous Equations Calculator.
It is a software for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations. The solver is based on the Gauss Jordan elimination method for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations.
Sequalator is free software! You may use it for educational as well as commercial purpose.
Please refer the license for terms & conditions for using this software.

Sequalator 1.20.2 is now available for Download.
Just check the Downloads page for details about this version.
Following are the significant improvements in this version:
  • Splash screen at start-up - The recent enhancements have increased the start-up time significantly and so, it takes some time for Sequalator main window to appear after the application has been launched. So, by the time it loads all its components, Sequalator icon will now be displayed until the main window appears. This is a necessary enhancement to provide proper user experience.
  • Analyse dialog UI improved - Previously the dialog used to show 0 for the solution set from file even if there was no solution set saved in the file. This has been corrected so that now, if there is no solution set saved in the file, it does not show any value in the dialog. Accordingly some options are updated in the dialog.