February 16, 2014

Sequalator 1.19.0 Released

Sequalator stands for Simultaneous Equations Calculator.
It is a software for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations. The solver is based on the Gauss Jordan elimination method for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations.
Sequalator is free software! You may use it for educational as well as commercial purpose.
Please refer the license for terms & conditions for using this software.

Sequalator 1.19.0 is now available for Download.
Just check the Downloads page for details about this version.
Following are the significant improvements in this version:
  • Binary File Format - A new file format is now added to store the data in a compact and robust manner. Not only does it use less space compared to the text file format, the time required to create this file and read data from the file is also significantly low.
  • Session Manager - The session manager saves a record of every action you perform to a file. This means your data is still safe even if you close Sequalator without saving the data. In addition if at all you experience a crash, you can still retrieve just where you left off!
  • Revamped Undo Redo functionality - The undo redo functionality in previous versions stored the action history in memory (RAM). In this release the entire undo redo functionality is re-written so that the action history is stored to file. This is possible now because of the binary file format which is light years ahead of the text format in terms of speed.
  • Apart from the above mentioned enhancements there are quite a few changes in the GUI.

No software is without bugs i.e. faults. Sequalator has its own share of bugs. Please report them! Just send in your e-mail along with some details about the bug.

Finally I request only one thing from you. Please register your application with me. This motivates me to find newer ways to improve the software. There is very little personal data I request from you...

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