April 26, 2014

Sequalator 1.20.0 Released

Sequalator stands for Simultaneous Equations Calculator.
It is a software for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations. The solver is based on the Gauss Jordan elimination method for solving Linear Simultaneous Equations.
Sequalator is free software! You may use it for educational as well as commercial purpose.
Please refer the license for terms & conditions for using this software.

Sequalator 1.20.0 is now available for Download.
Just check the Downloads page for details about this version.
Following are the significant improvements in this version:
  • OpenCL support - OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is a standard for cross platform parallel programing using modern computation devices like CPU, GPU, etc. Sequalator now can solve the equations on multiple devices like CPU's and GPU's simultaneously using the power of OpenCL technology. To use this feature however, you need to register your copy of Sequalator, which is absolutely free! OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • 64 bit support - Sequalator is now available in 64 bit version as well. This means there is no 2GB memory restriction which is applicable to any 32 bit application. So if you have the sufficient RAM and processing power there is virtually no limit to the no of equations you can solve using Sequalator. Also note that 32 bit applications will work on 32 or 64 bit hardware, but 64 bit applications will only work on 64 bit hardware.
  • Bug fix - A bug reported in the previous version has now been fixed. The cause of the bug was a minor programming mistake (we all do ;-) ); to be precise Sequalator was trying to read a non existing file.
  • GUI enhancements - There have been quite a lot GUI enhancements in this version. This is primarily because Sequalator now uses Qt 5.2.1 while all previous versions used Qt 4.8.1. This version of Qt has had a lot of bug fixes and apparently highlighted some of mine too :P

No software is without bugs i.e. faults. Sequalator has its own share of bugs. Please report them! Just send in your e-mail along with some details about the bug.

Finally I request only one thing from you. Please register your application with me. This motivates me to find newer ways to improve the software. There is very little personal data I request from you...

I hope you liked my software. If you do then please +1 this blog and share this blog in the social media as a token of your appreciation. This will make me very very happy :)

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