Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player both play audio and video songs perfectly fine, but still majority of people on Windows PC use VLC, why? Well, it is expected from a Media Player to obviously play audio and video, but VLC does more than that. Similarly, you can use some other software for solving your equations, but does it do more than what it is supposed to do? Following are just some of the features of Sequalator which can make your life much more comfortable.

1. Simple and Easy UI:

Sequalator makes solving equations a lot easier. There is hardly anything that cannot be understood at first glance. Still, if you cannot understand something, you can always refer the tool tips and status bar messages.

Sequalator Main Window

2.  Sequalator is Robust

Sequalator is an unstoppable beast when it comes to solving equations. The only limitation is your hardware. By using the 64 bit version of Sequalator and having sufficient amount of RAM rest assured that your equations will be solved with tremendous precision and as fast as possible.

Sequalator handling 1000 equations with ease

3. Sequalator is fast

Sequalator uses 2 sets of solvers internally. The first solver uses multi-threading to solve the equations utilising almost 100% power of the CPU. This solver is useful if you do not have a GPU in your PC. The second solver uses OpenCL technology to solve the equations on multiple devices like CPUs, GPUs, etc. simultaneously. This solver is useful if there are multiple GPUs/CPUs available in your PC and you would like to harness the power of all these devices.

Sequalator using the OpenCL technology for solving equations

4.  Analysing the solutions is so easy

When you are done solving, you can have a look at the solutions of the equations in a clean and simple fashion. You can also provide your custom solution set and analyse the effect on the equations.

Analyse and iterate with custom solutions

5. More options for Solution Analysis

 Perform research on the numbers till your heart's content! Play with significant digits, do comparison of solutions and copy the solutions if you want to use them in some other application.

More options for analysis of solutions

6.  Perform analysis of errors too!

Sequalator provides solutions with at most 14 significant digits. When you substitute solutions with such high precision, you are bound to get the ideal results for your equations. Colour coding the percentage errors help you analyse which equations are going down on precision so that you can take some corrective actions.

Analyse the errors in equations

7. And there are more options for errors too!

 Analyse in detail how many of your equations are going wrong. Also observe the distribution of equations by error percentage so that you are absolutely sure of the solutions handed over by Sequalator.

More options for analysing errors in equations

8. Perform benchmarking

Want to predict how much time Sequalator will take in solving X number of equations? Use the benchmarking to plot a graph of No of Equations vs Time. Extrapolate it till your required no of equations to estimate the time required for solving the equations.

Perform benchmarking of Sequalator

9. Data editing options

Keep aside the usual cut, copy, paste and delete operations, Sequalator is smart! Apart from these are many more options which will help you in getting the data into Sequalator in the most efficient manner.

Rich data creation/editing options

10. Sequalator is free!

Sequalator is free to use for educational as well as for business purposes. Just take a look at the license once to see the terms and conditions. Basically, you don't need to worry if you are using Sequalator as it is without tampering with it.

About Sequalator

These are just some of the features that Sequalator has to offer. Feel free to give it a try to experience it in more detail!

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