November 16, 2013

Sequalator Released

This is the first public release for a software being developed over a period of 10 months. But before I talk about what it does let me first explain the meaning of this strange name.
Sequalator stands for Simultaneous Equations Calculator.
As the name suggests it is a Linear Simultaneous Equations Solver.
In its current form it can tirelessly tackle thousands of Equations, with a very high precession.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is built using Qt.
Qt is an awesome application development framework if you love C++ & want to have complete control over the most basic functionality of your software.
It is pretty intuitive and easy to use, plus their documentation and online forum are extremely helpful.
That being said it comes with the generous GNU LGPL license!
 The underlying algorithms in Sequalator for solving the equations are based on Gauss Jordan Elimination technique.

This project was born out of my desire to learn Qt and now after a period of 10 months it seems truly unbelievable what I have achieved. 

The journey is the reward

Since I learned so much from the community for free, I decided to license this application without any fee.
Sequalator is free software.
You may use it for educational as well as commercial purpose.
You can download Sequalator from the Downloads page.
 Please refer the license for terms & conditions for using this software.

No software is without bugs i.e. faults. Sequalator has its own share of bugs. Please report them! Just send in your mail along with some details about the bug.

Finally I request only one thing from you. Please register your application with me. This motivates me to find newer ways to improve the software. There is very little personal data I request from you...

I hope you liked my software. If you do then please +1 this blog and share this blog in the social media as a token of your appreciation. This will make me very very happy :)

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